Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ever Feel Like This...

Like the previous post I made, there are so many things in our schedules that drive our day...some good, some not so good.  Ever feel like no matter how hard you try, you didn't do something as well as you wanted?  The presentation didn't go off without a hitch.  Your carefully planned vacation was ruined by a sudden rainstorm.  A particularly difficult client blew up at you no matter how much you've bent over backwards to appease them.  Your workout sucked. 

Going through a rough patch at work, I've tried to keep things in perspective.  It's hard to remain objective, but it is important to do.  I am constantly reminding myself to let go of the things I cannot control.  That irate customer?  I did the best I could do (as did many of the other people involved), and they are still irate.  That is not in my control.  A bad presentation?  Your lethargic workout?  It is now over and done with.  I'm not saying to shirk responsibility.  Learn from it, but then let go of the things you cannot control.  It serves no purpose other than to bring you down.  Don't dwell on it (I know, easier said than done).  Just know that tomorrow is a new day.

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