Friday, April 3, 2015

Insanity Max 30 Done!

I've completed Insanity Max 30!  I never thought I would ever do a program like that.  After watching my siblings do the original Insanity workout once, I shook my head and said I'd never do it.   I'm not a cardio girl at all.  In high school, I hated running laps, running the mile, whatever.  I could play volleyball all day, but doing those cardio exercises sucked!  In any case, I saw this program and thought, why not?  It's only 30 minutes and I wanted the challenge.

Two weeks into doing the unmodified moves, I threw out my back doing nothing.  I had an old back injury from college that flared up.  I couldn't walk or sit down without extreme pain.  I had to take a week off to recover.  After that, I did all the moves modified.  It was still a hard program to complete, as cardio is difficult for me.  However, I was bummed about not being able to complete it doing the unmodified version.  I am competitive with myself, and I was interested to see how much I could improve on my max out time.  On some of those exercises though, I could barely make it to 10 minutes DOING the modified, so I think overall it was a good mix.

I liked the program.  It was quick and dirty.  I definitely think it improved my cardio.  And the fact that you can make it so the modifier is on a split screen while working out was truly helpful.  Interested in trying it?  Contact me!

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