Friday, April 10, 2015

My thoughts on 21 Day Fix Extreme So Far

So far, I'm really digging 21 Day Fix Extreme.  It's 30 minutes so I know I'll be done within a certain amount of time.  Also, knowing it's 30 minutes pushes me to just get it done instead of procrastinating.  I didn't do the original 21 Day Fix program so I can't compare it to that.  But I CAN compare it to the previous workouts I've done.

I'm only 5 days into it and I'm liking the soreness that comes from these exercises.  I never thought I was a weights person (and these are light weights too!).  After all, I started on PIYO and LOVED that because it didn't have weights and I still got a great workout in.  However, there were days that I wished I would feel that soreness that comes from taxing your muscles.  I only got that soreness when I played volleyball the whole day after not playing for a long time, so I was missing it.  I am definitely feeling the muscle pain now.  It's not ridiculous to the point where I can't walk, but it's a good constant reminder that I'm changing my body.

I'll post pictures later.

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